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England is the country allow you to have the fruit for free

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 England is the developed and rich country.We can enjoy the beautiful and natural view and the long history in this classical country.But let sport bottle maker tell you a small secret:you can eat for free if have the lunch box and water bottle with you.


British field, there are a number of "free lunch". Also don't know English these nobody fertilizing care land how can emerge so much taste. Especially in the fall, do not need to deserted places, as long as the random walk, everywhere can find food. The most common in the wild fruits are apple, pear, blueberry, plum, hawthorn, which Blackberry majority, as long as the plant place, almost always see Blackberry figure. And in the market, the land overgrown fruit is expensive. There are several I never seen the domestic fruit.


Many British people like to walk the dog field, or go hiking, see the fruit will be picked several. Can a group of people but serious zone lunch box container into the wild to forage for food. This group of wild foragers is not home to the edge of poor, mainly they think using modern large-scale planting and breeding and transgenic technology, make food of harmful substances with known or unknown, or grow their own and the nature of the food people eat at ease. There are a lot of people is a nature lover, hold Nother nature of mind, the field of foraging as an interest or activity.


In addition to the fruit, the field also often can see the fruit and can be used as vegetable plants. One of the most common nuts hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts, in the wild and roadside always found scattered in a dried fruit. Dried fruit are generally very tall, we don't have to climb trees to pick, ground nuts alone can't have it all.


There is a chance the lunch box maker suggest that you go to England personally experience, where not only can eat free natural food delicious, still can enjoy the beautiful scenery of British history and civilization.

 England is the country allow you to have the fruit for free

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