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The used water bottle,broken umbrella,used shoes are found i

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Since more and more product be created,more and more are consumed,then be thrown away as trash.The accumulation of the trash threat our environment gradully.Water bottle supplier call up to protect our environment and avoid to leave some rubbish,such as water bottle,can, tissue in some scenic spot.Not only it will affect our scenery,but show reflect our cultural quality.

Look clean, green belts, really clean? This morning, chongqing jiulongpo district garden LuHuaChu organization choi wan lake community residents, garbage corner clean-up for multiple sections of green belts, found hidden there's plenty of junk.

Today's activity, jiulongpo district garden LuHuaChu staff and clouds lake community residents were nearly hundred people attended. The people all the way along the jinke cloud pterosaurs road near lake days to clear. Pull open the road green belts, found hidden there's plenty of junk, including mineral water bottles, old shoes, broken umbrella, etc.

"How old leather shoes thrown here? It's strange." Green belts from the residential building there are still a great distance, to find more pair of old shoes, everyone is confused, so we have to pick up to throw together by the roadside trash can.

We have learned, national health zone jiulongpo district will meet national technical assessment. At present, the region is to carry out "clean home civil action" activities, a lot of people involved. To the garbage in the green belts, the relevant person in charge of jiulongpo district garden LuHuaChu also warns a citizen, form the good habit with water bottle supplier to develop good health habits, have a garbage into the trash can, don't throw into the green belts, otherwise, the hiding among them it is hard to find.

The used water bottle,broken umbrella,used shoes are found i

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