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Let Me Introduce The Basketball Team of Smile Earth Holding Group to You

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    As we know that an enterprises team is important for a company, because it's a kind of enterprise culture. A Country needs a national team, a city needs a club team, a powerful enterprise needs a enterprise team as well. Not only does a enterprise team can enrich the staffs’ spare time, do physical exercise, relax their mind and body, but also strengthen the enterprise cohesion, cooperative consciousness and construction of enterprise's culture. Under the circumstances, the Smile Earth Holding Group team was established.

Let Me Introduce The Basketball Team of Smile Earth Holding Group to You

    Brief Instructions of Main Roles in our team.

    Miya Yan: As group leader and CFO of our team, she is a graceful girl who always deals with our team’s affairs systematically. BTW: She has a gracious voice.

    Bill Huang: As a chairman of Smile Earth Holding Group, he is the captain and spiritual leader in our team. Even though he is veteran as old as Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnet, but he looks much younger than them. →_→

    Because of persisting in physical training all the year round, he keeps a excellent physical condition and he can compete against rival one-on-one. His main score means include 3-point shot and middle distance shot.

    When in the absence of double-teams, he has a considerable hit rate. When under the circumstance of double-teams, he can also send out secondary attack by passing ball.

Let Me Introduce The Basketball Team of Smile Earth Holding Group to You

    Mark You: As a PG in our team, he is not only a playmaker, but also a brain and engine of our team. As though he is a PG, but his score means are similar to the SG -- James Harden. He has fluent Euro Step, which is hard to defend for a defender. Because you don’t know whether he wants to score or pass ball.

    Though he is thin, he has enormous energy: He is a undead runner as south Korean football players. His deceptive action and Foul cheat are top.(Hey, buddy. If you do that again, I will call the police→_→.)

    Mr Hu: A SF/PF in our team. Though he is 30 yeas old now, he still keeps a good figure. As a veteran, He do exercise frequently from then until now.

    He is vigorous guy and he jumps high when shooting at the basket, so it is hard to defend him for most of defenders. What they can do is distracting his shooting and praying.

Let Me Introduce The Basketball Team of Smile Earth Holding Group to You

    Keridy Huang: An all-around player who is qualified for 5 positions from PG to CF. He is entirely Magic Johnson of Smile Earth version. He is taller than most rivals’ players of back court. As he often appears as PG, he has much advantages in height when competing with opponents, which makes opponents suffer a lot.

    He is also a undead runner, energetic guy, full of stamina. His speed of dribbling is not inferior to most short guys.

    A Gong: A 22 years old young man who had graduated from college this year. He is a swingman/PG of our team. As doing exercise frequently, he has a good figure and physical quality. Though young, he still has good consciousness of teamwork. He is a future star in our team. ("This is gonna be your league in a little while, but I appreciate you giving us this year.")

    Mr Zou: PF/CF in our team. He has strong body but gentle playing style. His main score means are middle distance shot and fast-break layup, who is an out-and-out high-speed moving armored car. At this moment, he definitely want to sing a song — I am strong, but I am gentle→_→.

    Tony Leng: He has strong body and intrepid playing style, who seems from Lob city -- Los Angeles Clippers. He has Aesthetics of Violence as Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Thin opponents defend him, it is completely seemed as Brandon Knight defends DeAndre Jordan. (the picture is too cruel, I dare not to see).

    Unlike rough guy as DeAndre Jordan, he can also shoot 3-pointer, who often sends all kinds of incredible and amazing 3-pointers.

Let Me Introduce The Basketball Team of Smile Earth Holding Group to You

    Kevin Wang: Though called Kevin, but he has nothing to do with Kevin Garnet, Kevin Martin, Kevin Durant→_→. However, as a veteran player, his playing style is similar to Wang Zhizhi to some degree. Oh, well, his family name is also “Wang”. Is he a cousin of Wang Zhizhi? Sounds good!

    Tommy Tong: Dirk Nowitzki from Germany is his idol. Omit ten thousand words here, please close your eyes to imagine.

    Bro Xing and Little Huang: Both of them are bench PGs with similar playing style: Their nimble body is adept at stealing ball speedily, There have also good stamina, defense and sneak attack. In face of their defense, you must focus your attention highly, otherwise fault is inevitable. In NBA, there is a saying: Attack wins the box office, defense wins championships. The two guys demonstrate this theory with behavior.

    Jansen Yang: He has nimble body with a high hit rate. Yeah, he makes me think of Richard Hamilton in Detroit Piston.

    Jack Yuan: He seems like Charles Barkley of Smile Earth’s version, who has mass destruction on the court, his power can’t be neglected.

Let Me Introduce The Basketball Team of Smile Earth Holding Group to You

    Certainly, there are still some other good bench warmers, I don’t enumerate here now. The performance and achievements of team are inseparable from their endeavors and contributions in silence.

    Adequate bench warms make our team free from injuries and decline of physique. Bench warms’ depth is also a mean to defeat opponents.

    Our team absorb and abide by unity, cooperation, struggle and entrepreneurial spirit. We insist on inside scoring first, outside scoring second, connecting interior with exterior, never neglect offense or defense.

    Yep, our team is not a professional team, but it is an excellent team, who makes opponents trembling. Even God is moved to tears. That's just the way it is.

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